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Sizing Matters: How to Find the Perfect Ring Size

Sizing Matters: How to find the perfect ring size? We've made it easy for you to find your ring size from the comfort of your home.


@admiralrow With all the rings you've purchased 😊 are some quick tips on how to measure your perfect ring rize ❤️ #jewelrytips ♬ original sound - 🔥👌🏽

At Admiral Row, we understand that finding the perfect ring size is crucial when shopping for our beautiful, budget-friendly rings. We want to ensure that your experience with us is affordable but also comfortable and satisfying. In this guide, we'll walk you through various methods to help you determine your ideal ring size before purchasing so you can confidently wear your affordable jewelry with pride.

Why Getting the Right Ring Size is Important?

Before we dive into the methods, let's emphasize why accurate ring sizing matters. A well-fitted ring ensures comfort, prevents potential skin irritation, and eliminates the risk of your cherished piece slipping off and being lost. We're committed to providing rings that fit perfectly so you can enjoy their beauty and affordability.

DIY Ring Sizing at Home

We've made it easy for you to find your ring size from the comfort of your home. Here are some affordable methods:

1. Printable Ring Sizing Guide

You can visit our website to access our printable ring sizing guide. Follow the instructions, and you can accurately measure your ring size using this budget-friendly tool.

2. String or Paper Method

For a cost-effective DIY approach, you can use a piece of string or a strip of paper:

  1. Wrap it around the base of the finger you want to measure.
  2. Mark where the string or paper overlaps.
  3. Measure the length between the marks with a ruler in millimeters.
  4. Refer to our size chart to find your ring size based on the measurement.

3. Free Online Ring Sizing Tool

Explore our website for a user-friendly online ring sizing tool. It's a no-cost option that provides step-by-step guidance and visuals to help you determine your ring size accurately.

4. Consider the Band Width

Remember that the width of the ring band can impact the fit. Wider bands may require a slightly larger size than narrower ones. When you're browsing our affordable ring collections, please remember this to make sure it is the perfect fit.

5. Finger Temperature Matters

Measure your ring size when your fingers are at an average room temperature for the most precise fit.

Reach Out to Us

If you have any questions regarding your ring size while shopping for our affordable jewelry, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you and ensure that your experience with our brand is delightful and worry-free.


At Admiral Row, we believe every jewelry piece should be affordable and fit the wearer perfectly. We hope this guide has helped you discover your ring size conveniently and cost-effectively. With the right size in mind, you can confidently select from our budget-friendly rings and adorn yourself with stylish and affordable jewelry that's just right for you. Happy shopping!

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