The Beginning

Our story began in April 2012 after visiting several department stores in Atlanta, trying to find the right accessory for an outfit, but seeing too many overpriced items in each store. An innocent statement of, “We should just open our own store, because this is utterly ridiculous!”, soon turned into our Labor of Love, ADMIRAL ROW.

In creating ADMIRAL ROW, Gregg and Sharee, a husband-wife team, wanted to give consumers an all-access pass to all things accessories. No one has the time anymore to shop around for that right piece and hope it is within their budget. Therefore, we wanted to provide an avenue where you can find any accessory (whether one-of-a-kind vintage finds, items made by hand, or modern pieces), all in one place, at an affordable price.

The Company

ADMIRAL ROW is an Atlanta-based company with the mission of providing affordable accessories that let you stand out from the crowd. As we always say, “Anyone can wear the outfit—but, it’s how you accessorize that makes the statement.” ADMIRAL ROW is your all-access pass. We welcome you to ADMIRAL ROW. Distinguish yourself with our discoveries.

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Admiral Row